What is an Oxygen Bar and What is it For?

Try an oxygen bar today to see how it can improve your sleep and help treat some medical conditions.

You may think that most of your energy comes from the food that you drink, but it may surprise you to know that over 90% of your energy comes from oxygen. If energy levels are low, then increasing oxygen consumption might help. An oxygen bar offers an environment that provides a higher concentration of oxygen when compared to regular breathing air to everyday people, and can offer numerous benefits. Find out what a medical oxygen supplier can do for you.


If your energy levels are low, or you are experiencing headaches, mood swings or trouble concentrating, then recreational oxygen therapy can significantly reduce the symptoms while improving vitality with little to no risk to the user.

What Does an Oxygen Bar Do for You?

Breathing air contains around 21% oxygen, so how do you benefit from an oxygen bar? Oxygen bars use a system to deliver concentrated oxygen at a rate of up to 95% and does this by filtering out the atmospheric gases that are an unnecessary part of room air. This purified oxygen can be combined with an optional scent that offers aromatherapeutic benefits that promote emotions and positive moods.


An oxygen bar is a place where recipients can go to receive oxygen treatment, where oxygen is delivered via a concentrator and through a mask that fits over the face. Treatments last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes at a time. Oxygen bar locations are often found near public service centers or in malls.


Oxygen bars were originally popular in places across South America, as well as Mexico and Japan due to the high pollution levels. But now, as pollution is building up in densely populated areas across the world, oxygen bars are now becoming a sought after amenity in most major cities, where you can breathe easier at a low price.


Oxygen bars have numerous benefits, the most obvious of which being that you can escape from polluted air. In addition, purified oxygen also shows numerous benefits in terms of energy levels, sleep quality, mood and overall health.

Oxygen Bar Benefits for Health and a Quality Life

Oxygen is of higher importance to your energy levels when compared to food and water. When using an oxygen bar, your body becomes saturated with oxygen that is more pure than breathing air. This alternative medicine approach can allow you to naturally treat some conditions.


Target oxygen saturation levels are between 96% and 100% in order to maintain good health. Levels lower than this can lead to headaches, shortness of breath, visual disorders, rapid breathing and heartrate, chest pain, euphoria and more. There is no need to suffer from these symptoms – by heading to an oxygen bar, you can maintain optimal oxygen saturation levels in a natural way.

For more information on how oxygen concentrators can benefit you, speak to our team.

Benefits of an Oxygen Bar:

  • Increased energy levels – Feel more refreshed with more air flow whether you are out, at home or at work.
  • Improved sports performance – achieve optimal performance with increased conversion of fats, carbs, proteins and sugars to energy and heat.
  • Stress reduction, increased concentration and mood – a cheery outlook can be achieved, as well as increased focus and clarity with purified oxygen and essential oils.
  • Reduce symptoms of migraine and headache – a rise in oxygen can alleviate the symptoms of headache and migraine.
  • Increased sleep quality – purified oxygen can assist in alleviating sleep apnea
  • Weight loss benefits – increased metabolic function and circulation can result from more oxygen.

What is the Point of an Oxygen Bar?

If you have heard of an oxygen bar, you might be thinking, “what is the point?” People wishing to focus on improving or maintaining their physical health turn to oxygen bars for the benefits we listed above. An oxygen bar is perfect even for healthy individuals!


Oxygen bars combine essential oils with pure oxygen in a way that creates clarity and focus while promoting tranquility, cheer and harmony. These essential oils have significant effects on mood and can turn your party space or lounge into a place of relaxation and rest.


Speaking of cheer, are you looking for a unique attraction at your next social gathering? Oxygen bars are great additions to events like weddings, conferences, family gatherings, parties, and more. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also have the benefits of healing and gather people in a safe and fun space. Why go to an oxygen bar when you can also have a portable oxygen cocktail machine added to the mix at your next event?

Leveraging Oxygen Bar Effects

If you are experiencing life with laow energy and bad feelings then there is an alternative. Establish an environment of cheer and by receiving a boost as you freely breathe in an oxygen bar! Let us help you find the best oxygen bar equipment for your establishment today. Why not given an oxygen bar a try today?