Summit Oxygen, INC. On-Site Oxygen Bar!

Learn more about our On-Site Recreational Oxygen Bar, pricing, FUN flavored oxygen, and benefits of trying our O2 Bar!

Here, at Summit Oxygen INC, we attract a variety of people from around the world to our On-Site Oxygen Bar, for just .50 Cents a minute. We happily host tourists, ski teams from across the world, families, and our Summit County locals.  When tourists come in to our On-Site Oxygen Bar most of the time, they have just arrived at the mountains and feeling the effects of the high altitude and need oxygen to get rid of headaches, fatigue, and not feel tired.  People love to come in and check out our O2 Bar, the Oxygen Bar provides a unique atmosphere and experience for a ski trip!  Before, the session starts our Summit Oxygen team asks everyone participating to check their oxygen levels with our pulse oximeters to measure their oxygen from before starting the oxygen, during, and after.  The pulse oximeter is an additional enjoyment during the Oxygen Bar session, it’s always fun to hear our guests’ reactions watching their O2 levels rise thanks to the oxygen session.  


We also offer a variety of scents for those wanting a little flare while enjoying their Oxygen Bar experience, for just an additional .50 Cents extra per minute.  Flavors provided include: Wild Berry, Vanilla, Peach, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cinnamon/Apple, Lemon, Orange, Mint, and pumpkin spice.  These are all-Natural Tea based flavors.  Oxygen concentrators filter the nitrogen from the air that we breathe and deliver concentrated oxygen into diffusers. Diffusers fill up the oxygen with a certain scent and humidify it to prevent dryness.  Then a machine pushes flavored oxygen through the plastic tubes connected with nasal cannulas to the consumer. 


The mountains are always a beautiful site to see, however, the breath-taking beauty that the high altitude offers literally does take the breath right out of some people.  High altitude isn’t prejudice to a certain age, people of all ages come to our O2 Bar to help with altitude sickness, ages as young as 2 are able to check out our O2 Bar.  Here, in Frisco, CO, elevation is at 9,097 feet above sea level. The thin air of high altitudes lowers the oxygen in the blood and causes many unpleasant symptoms of altitude sickness, that could derail a wonderful trip to the mountains.  So, if you’re not feeling well and experiencing the symptoms, we always recommend checking out the O2 bar for an alternative way to improve your symptoms and overall health.  Even those that live-in-high altitude areas may feel the symptoms as well.  Ever feel dizzy, find it hard to concentrate, can’t seem to catch your breath, or that nagging headache just won’t go away?  Oxygen may be the answer to help with those sluggish days.  Of course, if these symptoms persist please see a Doctor.


So, if you’re planning a trip out here and are curious about recreational oxygen come see us here at Summit Oxygen, INC, located in the beautiful downtown of Frisco, CO.  It’s always fun for our team here at Summit Oxygen, INC, to meet new people stopping in after a long travel, a local that’s never been here, or regulars!  Our goal is for our visitors to leave with a pleasant and notable experience at our Oxygen lounge.