Oxygen Bars: Elevate Your Party Experience and Enhance Your Celebration

What is an Oxygen Bar?

An oxygen bar is an innovative concept that elevates party experiences and celebrations. Guests can enjoy purified oxygen, experiencing a surge of energy and mental clarity, which is especially beneficial during long events. The bar also offers health benefits, improving cognitive function and promoting better sleep through relaxation and stress reduction.  Additionally, guests can indulge in our natural tea-based flavored oxygen with flavors like Wild Berry, Citrus, Mint, and more. Whether it’s a wedding, conference, party or any special occasion, an oxygen bar adds a unique touch, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Contact us today to learn about our oxygen party bar options.

Benefits of Having an Oxygen Bar at Your Event

Having a recreational oxygen bar is a great way for your guests to leave your event feeling fully satisfied. Guests can breathe in oxygen, re-energizing and revitalizing them, while also experiencing other physical relief from breathlessness or dizziness. This becomes especially valuable during long events at high elevation levels, especially for groups traveling from lower altitudes. The increased oxygen levels contribute to cognitive function, enhancing focus and enjoyment of the festivities.

Our expert team on hand is here to help. Our staff will assist you in deciding from a variety of our natural tea-based flavors, help choose display colors to match your event, or answer any questions that may come up. By featuring an oxygen bar at your next big event, you are able to offer a unique and relaxing experience that leaves your guest refreshed.

Bachelorette Parties

Elevate your bachelorette party with an oxygen bar. Step into a vibrant, energetic atmosphere where you and your friends can indulge in the rejuvenating power of enriched oxygen. It boosts energy, improves mood, and reduces stress. The sensory experience is unparalleled, with various flavors of oxygen options to customize your inhalation experience. Whether you prefer refreshing citrus bursts or calming mint, we have it all. Having an oxygen bar at your bachelorette party offers endless benefits. It keeps you recharged between dance moves, enlivens your senses, and provides mental clarity. It’s the perfect addition to any celebration, leaving you feeling invigorated all night long. Make your bachelorette party unforgettable with an oxygen bar.

Wedding Reception

Take your reception party experience to new heights with the addition of an oxygen bar. Inhale the different flavor options with your guests, creating lasting memories together. Not only does the oxygen bar add a touch of luxury to the celebration, but it also provides a boost of rejuvenation, ensuring everyone feels their absolute best throughout the festivities. Keep the energy high and the fun going all night long as you recharge between dances. Your guests will be delighted by this extraordinary addition, making your reception truly unforgettable. Gather your wedding party, relax, and indulge in the benefits of an oxygen bar for an extraordinary celebration.

Private Parties

Elevate private parties with an oxygen bar. Guests can indulge in flavorful oxygen blends, destress, and recharge their energy levels, enhancing mood and clarity. Consider combining the oxygen bar with wellness practices like yoga or sound baths for a transformative experience, taking the party to a whole new level of relaxation and well-being. Make your private party an unforgettable experience by incorporating an oxygen bar, providing a memorable and exceptional experience.

Multi-Day Events and Activities

Mobile oxygen bars can be a unique and enjoyable addition to various special events and activities, providing a refreshing and pleasant experience with a range of benefits. Corporate team-building exercises are a perfect opportunity for an oxygen bar. Participants can take a break from their activities and visit the oxygen bar to unwind as the oxygen helps reduce stress and anxiety, contributing to the success of the team-building exercises.

Corporate sales outings are another event where oxygen bars shine, offering a much-needed break for the sales team to recharge and regain their energy in intense and high-pressure environments. The oxygen bar also serves as a unique reward adventure for high-performing employees, showing appreciation for their hard work.

VIP customer experiences are enhanced with the presence of an oxygen bar, whether at a beautiful hotel or a private party. Guests can enjoy the benefits of an oxygen bar while being treated like VIPs. Our team of professionals at Summit Oxygen create customized suggestions and recommendations catered to the guest’s specific preferences.

Finally, oxygen bars greatly enhance multi-day events corporate events like team-building trips or conferences. Participants often experience mental and physical fatigue from long hours of activities and networking. Having an oxygen bar on-site reduces stress and promotes focus, allowing guests to be at their best throughout the multiple days of activities. Simple steps like determining the number of guests and allocating space are necessary for setting up the oxygen bar. To upgrade the experience, consider incorporating activities like yoga or interactive therapy workshops.

Incorporating a recreational oxygen bar elevates all multi-day events and activities, ensuring participants have a successful and rejuvenating experience. From bachelorette parties to corporate team-building exercises, an oxygen bar adds a touch of luxury and relaxation to any occasion. Guests can indulge in the best oxygen flavors available, promoting mental clarity and reducing stress, ensuring everyone feels their best throughout the day. Make your event stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Contact Summit Oxygen today to elevate your event to new heights and make your event a huge success!