How Effective Are Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

When discussing the effectiveness of portable concentrators, it is important to understand their purpose. For those who may be unfamiliar, portable oxygen concentrators are portable oxygen machines that make it possible for individuals to receive the oxygen they need by using ambient air rather than tanked oxygen. These portable oxygen systems can be used occasionally for supplemental oxygen purposes for those experiencing altitude sickness or shortness of breath. Portable oxygen concentrators can be a consistent medical device for those who suffer from respiratory issues such as pulmonary disease, have an oxygen prescription from their health care provider, or partake in oxygen therapy. This provides an ample source of oxygen to the user while also allowing them to move more freely and maintain an active lifestyle.


How Effective Are POCs At Helping Maintain Healthy Oxygen Levels?


The effectiveness of POCs depends largely on the brand and model you select, as well as your own needs. Some models have larger liters per minute rates than others, some are designed for daytime or nighttime use only, and some may be lightweight but are not quite up to the task of providing adequate long-term oxygen therapy solutions. However, other factors can affect a POC’s performance such as temperature control, sustainable battery life, and machine maintenance intervals. In short, portable oxygen systems are highly effective in helping to maintain healthy oxygen levels and blood oxygen levels.

At Summit Oxygen, we have the latest, top-of-the-line equipment that you would hope for from an oxygen concentrator store. Our equipment supplies medical grade oxygen to all users and provides a comfortable, lightweight fit for travel and adjustable flow rates so that you can adjust and maintain a continuous flow of oxygen that is right for you. We also provide other oxygen accessories, such as nasal cannulas, extra oxygen, an extra battery, and more. Being at high altitudes, our goal is to help you continue with your daily activity levels while breathing easy.


Benefits of Using a POC


In general, modern portable concentrators provide an effective solution for anyone who struggles with their oxygen or blood oxygen levels due to chronic illness or lung conditions. Because of its portability, it allows you to uphold your usual activity levels in your daily life without having to worry about tanked oxygen running out, carrying around a heavy oxygen tank, or being restricted to staying home. Those who use portable oxygen concentrators also tend to experience improved quality of life and more freedom to enjoy their favorite activities.

Overall, while there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to portable oxygen concentrators, many users find these devices invaluable in helping them stay active while managing their health condition safely. By taking into account factors like liters per minute flow rate, machine maintenance frequency, and battery life before purchasing a particular device, Summit Oxygen has the necessary solutions to fit different individual’s needs. Users can rest assured knowing that their POC will effectively meet their needs and help keep them feeling healthy and comfortable throughout the day.