Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance: How To Clean An Oxygen Concentrator

The right oxygen concentrator maintenance and oxygen tubing care can add years to the lifespan of your oxygen concentrator. Here is a brief guide to assist you with the maintenance and cleaning process.

People living with chronic lung diseases have a lot to be thankful for oxygen concentrators. These wonder machines from Summit Oxygen, the leading oxygen company, help improve blood oxygen levels via oxygen therapy techniques and allow the patients to lead a much better quality of life. Oxygen concentrators require regular cleaning and proper maintenance to be able to work efficiently. Adjusting to the oxygen therapy equipment can be overwhelming at first. But as you learn the essential know-how on the maintenance and proper upkeep of these machines, you will find it easier to deal with. Here is a guide to help you get through standard practices for oxygen concentrator maintenance and oxygen tubing care.

How To Properly Clean Oxygen Concentrators

Follow a standard procedure and practice for oxygen concentrator maintenance to help get your cleaning done every time efficiently. Here are the cleaning materials you will need:


  • A soft cleaning cloth 
  • A mild detergent, the best choice would be a liquid dishwashing detergent
  • Soft hand towel
  • White vinegar – for cleaning the nasal cannula


Before you start cleaning, here is the oxygen concentrator maintenance checklist:


  • Power off the oxygen concentrator by unplugging from any power source. 
  • And after cleaning, make sure to dry the equipment and use it only after it is completely dry. 

Clean The Outside Of The Oxygen Concentrators

  • The outside of the oxygen concentrators will most likely be covered with grime or stuck-on dirt, which will loosen off with a damp cloth itself. 
  • Dampen your cleaning cloth with water and wring it well so that it is wet but not dripping with water
  • Add a drop of the mild detergent to the cloth 
  • Wipe the outside of the concentrator gently and rub firmly so that the stuck-on grime is cleaned well. Make sure to work carefully around the vents so as not to damage the equipment. 
  • After an initial wipe with detergent, rinse the cloth and once again wipe the surface to remove the soapy layer. 

How To Clean Oxygen Concentrator Filter

  • Power off the concentrator for oxygen concentrator filter change.
  • Use your equipment manual to properly locate and remove the filter. Make sure your machine stays turned off until the filter is reconnected. 
  • Clean the filter by using running water under your tap. 
  • For more stubborn stains or spots, use a mild detergent to rub it off using your fingers while the filter is still under the running water. 
  • Let the air filter dry and hang in a clean bath towel. Keep it in a well-ventilated room out of reach from pests and pets. 
  • Make sure it is completely dry before you reattach it to your concentrator. 

Cleaning The Nasal Cannula

How to clean nasal cannula? For cleaning the nasal cannula, you will have to follow these steps.


  • Add in a few drops of detergent to water collected in a tub or a bathroom sink
  • Soak the nasal cannula in the water
  • Use a soft cloth or cleaning cotton swab to clean out the dust and dirt collected in and around the nozzle area. Make sure to be gentle when you clean it. This will help you in oxygen concentrator maintenance.
  • Once cleaned, take out the nasal cannula and set it to dry on a dry bath towel
  • Empty out the sink and make sure no soap residue is left out. You can additionally rinse the sink with clean water twice to make sure it does not have any detergent materials left. 
  • Mix clean water with white vinegar in the ratio of 1:10 in the sink. This mixture acts as a disinfectant that cleans out microbes from your nasal cannula. Soak the nasal cannula in this mixture. 
  • Remove the nasal cannula after a couple of minutes and rinse it well. 
  • Air-dry the nasal cannula and use it once it is completely dry. Make sure to keep it out of sunlight and high temperatures. 

How To Clean Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen tubing is the tube that connects your nasal cannula or mask with the oxygen source, which is usually a portable tank. This tubing need not be cleaned but should be regularly replaced for better use. 


Here are some oxygen tubing care tips:


  • Do not use tubing that is more than 25 feet long. 
  • Replace the tubing at least once in 6 to 12 months. 
  • Inspect your tuning for cracks or any kind of wear and tear every day. 
  • Make sure your pets stay away from the tubing to protect it from any damage.

How Often Should You Clean Your Equipment

How Often Should You Clean a Nasal Cannula?

Clean your nasal cannula at least once a week. Additionally, you should also disinfect your oxygen masks and nasal prongs every day.

How Often Should You Clean Your Filter?

You should clean the filter at least once a month. Do follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the optimal cleaning frequency.

How Often Should You Clean The Outside Of Your Concentrator?

You can choose to clean the outside of your concentrator at least once a week or when you feel the dust building up.

Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Rules

Here are some oxygen concentrator maintenance rules that will help you with better oxygen concentrator care. 


  • Avoid using your equipment in a dusty environment
  • Make use of voltage stabilizers
  • Do not let the concentrator drop in water. 
  • Clean your equipment parts often as directed by the manufacturer’s guidelines or when you feel the dust building up. 
  • Use alcohol or any disinfectant to wipe down the tubing and nasal cannula every day. 
  • Do not use harsh detergents, clothes, or hand soaps to clean.
  • Make use of cotton swabs for gentle cleaning. 


Oxygen concentrator maintenance will ensure it works well, and you get the best out of it. Do check out high-quality home oxygen concentrators for sale from Summit Oxygen that are easy to maintain and offer excellent functionality.