Everything You Need To Know About Traveling With Oxygen Equipment

Oxygen systems were created to produce a continuous flow of oxygen to those with breathing conditions such as chronic bronchitis or pulmonary disease, struggle with low blood oxygen levels, are traveling to high altitudes, or have other medical conditions. These assistive devices are incredibly important and are generally needed 24/7 by the user, especially during travel. Are you planning a trip and worried about traveling with your oxygen equipment? Perhaps you’re flying to a higher altitude and your health care provider recommended medical oxygen to assist with medical conditions during travel. You may consider that a portable oxygen concentrator can go with you anywhere, however, it’s not always that easy when you’re flying. There are requirements that still need to be met in order to bring oxygen on board. Below we will cover the things to consider when traveling with oxygen equipment so that you can ensure successful travel plans and a safe vacation.


FAA Approved Equipment


First and foremost, you must make sure that your oxygen equipment is approved for travel by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). All airlines must adhere to FAA regulations when it comes to carrying oxygen onboard, so be sure to check in advance. In most cases, personal oxygen units are strictly prohibited because they contain liquid oxygen or compressed gas which can be considered a hazardous material. However, most portable oxygen concentrators are allowed. It is important to do your research to avoid hassle and any issues that could cause you to have to leave your medical or supplemental oxygen supplier at home. You may also want to contact the airlines ahead of time to get a good understanding of their guidelines, as some airlines will require a doctor’s note or medical certificate in order to allow you to travel with oxygen. Once you know that your specific device is acceptable for air travel, the next step is to contact Summit Oxygen, an oxygen equipment supplier for Breckenridge CO who can provide you with the additional supplies that may be needed while on your trip.


Packing Considerations


When it comes to packing your equipment and supplies, it is important to remember that your FAA approved oxygen equipment should stay with you at all times as long as it is allowed. If you check them in your baggage, you never know what may happen and should avoid any risk factors of being separated from your portable oxygen concentrator. Airlines require all medical supplies, including portable oxygen concentrators, to be kept under your seat or in the overhead compartment during the flight. Furthermore, you will want to clearly label all of your medical supplies before leaving for the airport.


Equipment Considerations


It can be very helpful to plan ahead and pack extra batteries for your battery-powered portable oxygen concentrator. On some airlines, a battery-powered portable oxygen concentrator is all they will allow you to bring on the aircraft, so having extra batteries can be very beneficial, especially when considering how long your flight or vacation time will be. Though portable oxygen concentrators have great battery life, it’s always better to be safe.


Preparation Is Key


When you choose Summit Oxygen as your go-to oxygen supply company, you can assure that your equipment is top-of-the-line and ready for efficient use. We can provide backup oxygen equipment and accessories to help you stay fully prepared. We also offer 24/7 customer service to help simplify matters greatly if any questions or issues were to arise.


Traveling with oxygen tanks can seem daunting but luckily you can rely on Summit Oxygen to help make things more manageable. Let us help you plan and enjoy a stress-free vacation today.