Cirrus 5 the newest, smallest and quietest Stationary Concentrators on the market today!

Cirrus 5 the newest, smallest and quietest Stationary Concentrators on the market today!

The Cirrus 5 is one of the newest, smallest, and quietest Stationary Concentrators available on the market today. It is easy to use, provides up to 5 LPM of stationary, therapeutic oxygen and is virtually maintenance free. The Oxygen from the concentrator is made by extracting oxygen from the atmospheric air.  It uses an electrically-powered molecular sieve to separate nitrogen from ambient air. The oxygen concentrator can supply a patient with steady oxygen in a safe, reliable, low cost, adjustable flow. Here at Summit Oxygen our new Cirrus % concentrators come with a 3-year manufacturing warranty otherwise our gently used concentrators may have different warranties on them based on how many hours are on the machine.  We meet or prices, for more details on pricing on purchases or rentals please check out or website or call for additional details.




  • Ultra-quite operation.
  • One of the smallest concentrators available.  Takes up less space, less noticeable.
  • Built in Oxygen Monitor with easy to LED indicators for peace of mind.
  • Innovative “cooling” technology to improve reliability and life of the unit.
  • Low maintenance, easy to care for.
  • Higher outlet pressure to ensure proper flow delivery.




  • Altitude: Up to 13,000 feet (2286m) without degradation; consult your equipment provider for further information regarding to 13,000 ft (2286m) to 13,123 ft (4000m)
  • Ambient Temperature: 50 degrees F (10C)-104 degrees F (40C)
  • Air Pressure: 700hPa-1060hPa
  • Relative Humidity: 30%-85%
  • Do not operate in environments containing corrosive gas and/or a strong magnetic field.




The materials used in the system do not create an environmental hazard.  The packing materials of the system are recyclable, and they must be collected and disposed according to the related regulation in the country or region where the package of the system or its accessories are opened. Any material of the system or accessories, that may cause environmental hazards, must be collected and disposed of in compliance with the local laws and requirements.




Low maintenance easy to care for with easy to remove filters. Clean the outside body with a soft towel, with mild soap or detergent, and wipe with dry towel. The filters may be cleaned with the same cleaning solutions as the body of the concentrator, with mild soap or detergent. It is important to ensure the filters are thoroughly dry before reinstalling. Avoid getting any water or cleaner inside the unit. The owner’s manual of the Cirrus 5 has more information on the filters and on how to clean other accessories for the concentrators such as the humidity jar and nasal cannulas.


I hope this has inspired the reader to look more into the Cirrus 5 Concentrators, medical patient in need of O2, resort client feeling the effects of the altitude or for recreational use, or maybe just curious on the machine. Our patients and clients are extremely impressed and satisfied with the Cirrus 5 as we are here at Summit Oxygen, INC. Contact us today for any questions, rental, or purchase!!  Our prices are listed on our website and we can answer any questions on pricing or questions via phone or email. Thanks for reading have a wonderful day!