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What is an Oxygen Bar and What is it For?

Try an oxygen bar today to see how it can improve your sleep and help treat some medical conditions.
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Did you know 90% of your energy comes from oxygen and only 10% from food and water? If you could use more energy, there is a high chance that increasing your oxygen flow could help. Exactly what is an oxygen bar? An oxygen bar delivers pure oxygen to everyday people at a higher percentage than breathing air, and it enhances lives with many benefits. Find out what a medical oxygen supplier can do for you.

Have you been experiencing low energy levels, mood swings, trouble concentrating, headaches, or hangovers? Recreational oxygen therapy has been known to help significantly stabilize these symptoms and improve vitality at a low risk. 

What Does an Oxygen Bar Do for You?

So, what does an oxygen bar do? Essentially, the system delivers personal oxygen, coupled with an optional scent, to its recipients. The air we breathe only contains about 21% oxygen, but oxygen bars are able to produce up to 95% pure air by filtering out unnecessary atmospheric gases that attach to room air. The optional aromatherapeutic scent is subtle, natural, and promotes positive moods and emotions. 

How does an oxygen bar work? Recipients simply place a mask over their faces and receive treatment via a concentrator for anywhere between 15 to 60 minutes. Locations are often conveniently situated in malls or near public service centers.

The world we live in is inundated with inevitable pollution, especially in densely populated areas.  Oxygen bars were originally used in places like Japan, Mexico, and South America as people sought purified air, but they have now gained popularity around the world and can be found in most major cities. For a low price, you can breathe easier.

What does an oxygen bar do for you? Out of its numerous benefits, an oxygen bar offers a safe escape from polluted air! With this, many have users found purified oxygen to have positive effects on their overall health, including improved mood, sleep, and energy levels.

Oxygen Bar Benefits for Health and a Quality Life

When it comes to energy, oxygen is even more essential to your body than food and water. Oxygen bars saturate your body with oxygen much purer than the natural air you breathe! Since it is considered an alternative medicine, oxygen therapy is also a fantastic way to combat some conditions naturally. 

For one, oxygen in the blood is essential for good health, with a healthy amount being between 96% and 100%. Any compromise in this number could lead to symptoms such as headaches, rapid heartbeat or breathing, shortness of breath, dizziness, lack of coordination, visual disorders, euphoria, chest pain, and more. You don’t have to suffer from these conditions! An oxygen bar is a natural remedy to reverse these symptoms and bring your blood oxygen level up to a healthy percentage. 

Our team can educate you on more benefits of an oxygen concentrator and how it works.

Top Oxygen Bar Benefits:

  • Increase energy levels - More air flow will help you feel refreshed at home, work, or out on the town.
  • Improve sports performance - Increased oxygen levels convert carbs, sugar, fats and proteins into heat and energy faster for optimal performance.
  • Reduce stress, improve mood and concentration - The combination of essential oils and purified oxygen promotes clarity, focus, and a cheery outlook. 
  • Provide relief for headache and migraine - This happens when there’s a rise in oxygen flow to the brain.
  • Promote better sleep - If you experience sleep apnea, an oxygen generator helps increase oxygen flow so that you can sleep soundly.
  • Promote weight loss - More oxygen can result in enhanced circulation and metabolic function.

What is the Point of an Oxygen Bar?

Have you been wondering, “What is the point of an oxygen bar”? While oxygen bars help to improve the health of those with various diagnoses, they also have positive effects on healthy people looking to maintain or improve their general physical well-being.   

A better mood is something that both the sick and the healthy could use! The pairing of essential oils with pure oxygen stimulates the senses to a place of tranquility, harmony and cheer. Oxygen bar flavors offer an inviting scent into your lounge or party space and have profound effects on the moods and emotions of those who partake of them.  

Speaking of cheer, are you looking for a unique attraction at your next social gathering? Oxygen bars are great additions to events like weddings, conferences, family gatherings, parties, and more. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also have the benefits of healing and gather people in a safe and fun space. Why go to an oxygen bar when you can also have a portable oxygen cocktail machine added to the mix at your next event?

Leveraging Oxygen Bar Effects

Don’t walk around with low energy or sad feelings. Establish an environment of cheer and by receiving a boost as you freely breathe in an oxygen bar! Let us help you find the best oxygen bar equipment for your establishment today. Are you ready? Give an oxygen bar a try!